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Derivative Trading

Our traders are specialists in their respective fields and have dedicated years to hone and perfect their trading skills. Trading is a discipline in its own right and is not something that you take on half-heartedly.

Derivatives can enhance returns through long gearing, hedging and shorting (profit from negative returns) and thus needs professional assistance to keep track of the market movements during the day; we specialise in CFD’s and Forex derivatives.

We offer the best systems and platforms available and send comprehensive daily and weekly technical and fundamental reports to assist traders with the identification of trading opportunities within the market.

We offer individuals two levels, or areas, of service:

  • Execution only - The trigger is pulled by you. We execute on your behalf
  • Advice – In consultation with one of our dedicated traders, ideas and trading advice are shared with you on a daily basis. No advice fees are charged for this service


Providing you with daily technical reports, trade ideas and breaking news alerts.


You are not an account number but a valued client.


We provide you with the most advanced platforms to trade. Even on your smartphone or tablet.


With the right tools and a dedicated team, we will help you become a successful trader.

Trading Platforms

We have relationships with multiple award winning prime brokers to suit your trading needs.

All companies mentioned are Authorised Financial Service Providers.

Our Benefits

Daily Technical Report

Free daily technical reports straight to your inbox

Whatsapp Group

Receive instant trade alerts

Sound Advice

Hands-on professional advice by our experienced traders

All day, Every day

We are with you every day of the week, wherever you go

Minimum Deposit

A minimum deposit of R20 000 is required to open up a trading account

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