Local Unit Trusts

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Why invest in a Local Unit Trust?

Investing in a unit trust is one of the easiest ways to reach your financial goals - whether your goal is to save or grow your money. At Capilis we offer a wide variety of unit trust funds run by South Africa’s top investment managers.

  Equity Funds Balanced/Managed Funds Income Funds Money Market funds
Return Potential High Moderate Low Higher than bank deposit
Volatility/Risk High Steady/moderate Low Low

What are Unit Trusts?

Unit trusts are portfolios of assets such as equities, listed property, bonds and cash. Through a unit trust, investors are able to spread their risk, while at the same time reaping the benefits of professional fund management via a strictly regulated industry.

  • Type of unit trust funds:
    • Equity funds - invest in the broader stock market or in specific sectors.
    • Balanced/Managed funds – Funds containing a spread of assets such as equities, bonds and cash.
    • Bonds/Income Funds/Fixed Interest funds - Interest-bearing funds that invest in assets such as bonds, fixed deposits and interest bearing assets.
    • Money market funds – Funds that effectively allow investors to “park” their cash in liquid investments with minimal volatility.
  • Other benefits include:
    • Quick and easy access to funds.
    • Transparent pricing and performance: Prices are published in all forms of media (internet, newspapers etc.) so it is easy to keep track of your investments.
    • Detailed monthly reporting.
    • The industry is strictly regulated providing peace of mind.

Target Investor


An investor looking to reach his savings and investment financial goals

Save, protect, grow

An investor looking to invest in either a specific asset class or in a combination of asset classes


Depending on the financial goals, each investors time period is catered for


Funds are chosen to cater to the investors risk appetite (volatility)


An investor can select the unit trust funds should he wish to do so