Tax Free Investment Accounts

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Why invest in a tax free investment account?

TFIA's came into effect from 1 March 2015 to encourage individuals to save more. The growth and income received on the investment is tax free. This means that investors aren't liable for any capital gains tax (CGT) or income tax on the dividends and interest received on their investment.

  • The investment is transparent, easy and hassle free.
  • You are exempt from all taxes on the gains of the investment – the longer the investment, the larger the tax benefit.
  • Your investment is placed in to carefully selected equity funds from various investment companies with a long track record. These funds regularly outperform the market.

Investment Details

  • Limits
    • Current lifetime contribution limit: R500 000
    • Current annual contribution limit: R30 000
    • Current maximum monthly debit orders: R2500
  • Accessibility
    • There is no minimum investment term.
    • There is no withdrawal limit. However, any re-investments will be regarded as new contributions and added to the existing contributions to calculate the limits.
    • Funds will be available within three business days, depending on your bank.
  • Eligible Investors
    • All South African residents are eligible to invest in a TFIA.
  • Tax Implications
    • The investment is exempt from interest, income, dividends and capital gains tax.
    • On death, the investment will be payable to the investor's estate and may be subject to estate duty and executor fees. While the investment is held within the estate the returns will continue to be exempt from income and capital gains tax.

Frequently asked questions

Target Investor


An investor looking to build long-term wealth and benefit from no capital gains tax (CGT).


An investor who don't want to settle for interest rate related returns


Preferably and investor must have a time horizon of 10+ years


An investor who is not afraid of volatility


An investor can select the unit trust funds should he wish to do so

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