Active Equity portfolio

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Why have an Active Equity portfolio

Investing in our Active Equity portfolio can be seen as an alternative investment i.e. a non-traditional investment. Our investment objective is simple – maximise the value of the account through trading and investing in equities. High-frequency and algorithmic traders have changed the markets into a very volatile environment, which creates opportunities for us to take advantage of; we strategically buy and sell shares at pre-determined entry and exit levels.

We do however take long-term positions if we feel that a share is undervalued, or if there is a trigger that we feel will move the share once it has been pulled (being included in an index, trading statements etc.).

Investment process

Once it has been established that an equity trading portfolio will be beneficial to the client, the account is opened and funded. Continuous economic, fundamental, and technical analysis is used to strategically invest a portion and trade a portion of the portfolio. The strategic allocation allows an extremely flexible investment approach and provides us with the opportunity to maximise clients’ portfolio values by capitalising on share price volatility.

This approach can generate a return substantially higher than a normal equity portfolio would. It is worth noting that no gearing is taken as we only trade and invest in pure equities, or shares.

Target Investor


An investor looking to create medium to long-term wealth


An investor who don’t want to settle for interest rate related returns


Preferably an investor must have a time horizon of more than 1 year


An investor who is not afraid of volatility


An investor who is willing to take more risk than your average investor

Minimum Investment

Minimum Investment of R500 000

Management Fee

1% p.a. ex. VAT.

Performance Fee

20% p.a. ex. VAT. Based on the high-water mark

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