About Us

Capilis Asset Managers is a boutique asset management company focused on personalised service and management of client portfolios. The company was founded in 2004, with specific focus on providing clients with sound advice and execution based derivative products.

  Exceptional People

  Personalised Service

  Dynamic Investment Philosophy

  Consistent Performance

The Leadership Team

Mark Sluzki


Steinman de Bruyn


Iwan Swiegers


Michael van Staden

Non-Executive Director

What we stand for


Being able to deliver good results is important, but doing so consistently is what matters. Our track record is indicative of our continued drive towards consistency.


Our products and services are designed to promote transparency throughout all processes. To avoid confusion, our costs are transparent and very basic.


We believe that it is what you do behind closed doors that defines you. At Capilis, we always place the client first and will never do anything that could possibly jeopardise a relationship.


We uphold the highest level of professionalism by providing clients an exceptional professional service through our meticulous work ethic. Our attention to detail is what sets us apart.


One need to continuously adapt to the ever changing environment and as a boutique asset manager we thrive on being able to make changes very quickly. By being dynamic in our investment management approach, we are able to create outstanding returns for our clients.


All relationships are built on trust and it is the foundation and key pillar between us and our clients. We continue to uphold this trust by exercising and promoting transparency, accountability and integrity. Through continued focus on these qualities, we’re able to maintain a high level of trust with our clients.